Support Group Leaders

MentalHappy is  designed to help people of all races, genders and economic statuses improve their emotional wellbeing through positive peer support. We provide a safe and secure platform to talk about mental health and the challenges you face in your daily life, receive support from others like you who understand what you’re experiencing, and learn practical tips and techniques to help you heal and improve your emotional fitness each day. We make it possible for everyone to get the help they deserve without the financial and physical limitations often associated with traditional therapies.

If you enjoy creating online connections and inspiring a community of mental wellness seekers, you could be fantastic Support Group Leader.

We are looking for experienced and health professionals to be "Support Group Leaders" who are excited about supporting and educating people in an online peer support group.

This role includes, but likely not limited to:  

  • Setting up your group page
  • Engaging members in peer-group discussions
  • Facilitating 50 minutes online meetings
  • Answering general questions
  • Provide caring feedback
  • Redirect negative venting to supportive, positive solutions 
  • Creating and providing content for digital toolkits 
  • Authentically educating members with practical tips to support their overall well being

Who You Are

• Passionate about health and changing people's lives

• Compassion and empathy are two of your highest qualities!

• Highly creative with a broad toolkit for getting people to engage in their health

• Exceptionally detail-oriented (and confident you will be able to manage all members at once proactively).

• Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, including exceptional listening skills.

• Passionate about technology and able to learn new software quickly.

• Independent and creative self-starter,


Must be a licensed medical professional in any of the following professions: 




General Practitioner (MD) 

Acupuncture (Eastern Medicine) 

Certified Wellness/Life Coach

Certified Peer Group Specialist

Certified Fitness Instructor


Relationship Coach / Therapist

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Experienced Educator (Teacher) 

This is an opportunity to work for yourself. Earn extra income, grow your member base, and make a positive impact.

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