Outbound marketer

MentalHappy is a telehealth platform that allows health providers to expand access to mental health services through online expert-led peer support groups.
We are like Patreon for health and wellness services.

Role Description
As an Outbound Sales /Marketer, you will use online social platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Google and LinkedIn to find potential customers (aka Support Group Leaders) who might be a good fit for our product. You will initially vet this individual and send them a custom message encouraging them to sign up or attend an info session online.

Your skills:

You understand online social platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok, and LinkedIn
Able to sell and effectively market a product online
Strong research abilities

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Send outbound customer messages (DM’s or emails) to promote and sell our product. 
  • Write thoughtful messages, customize the messaging and address the person by name so that the messages are authentic and do not appear as spam. 
  • Follow rules of DM message limits no more than 100 per day
  • Create, maintain and update spreadsheets of potential customers with complete information and emails and other social media links. 
  • Consolidate existing customer base while building new customer base.
  • Record outbound message history and customer response in detail. Ensure customer follow-up all the time. 
  • Send  DM or email of product links and websites and other campaign material. 
  • Monitor competitors’ products or services and create selling strategies for own products or services. 
  • Handle customer needs and requirements. Respond to customer inquiries and resolve. 
  • Refer customers’ needs or inquiries to appropriate departments like sales, marketing, administrative or other departments.

About MentalHappy: 

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