Our Mission

Over 249 Million people in America are victims of trauma each year. Suicide is on the rise and the burnout generation is suffering in silence. We spend so much time at work, which is why it’s an opportune moment to add healing to corporate wellness benefits. MentalHappy partners with empathetic employers to make mental health solutions tangible and available when employees need it most. We help humans of all backgrounds improve mental well-being and find happiness within themselves and their organizations.

Our Story

MentalHappy provides tangible mental health tools and resources to employees experiencing significant life events. While every office has a first aid kit to tend to physical injuries, few are prepared to aid employees experiencing trauma.

MentalHappy is solving this problem by curating kits that tend to our mental injuries. The Silicon Valley based company was born out of Founder and CEO Tamar Lucien’s struggle to overcome anxiety.

After grappling with one of life’s lows while working in people operations, she vowed to never let her circumstances determine her disposition. The experience became a catalyst for inspiration and change to put the human back in human resources.