Who we are

MentalHappy is a health platform designed to help people of all races, genders, and economic statuses improve their emotional well-being through positive peer support. We provide a safe and secure platform to talk openly about mental health and the challenges you face in your daily life. Receive support from people like you who understand what you’re experiencing and learn practical tips and techniques to encourage your healing and improve your emotional fitness each day. 

How it started

MentalHappy was born out of Founder and CEO Tamar Blue's struggle to overcome anxiety. After grappling with one of life's lows, she vowed never to let her circumstances determine her disposition. The experience became a catalyst to her passion for creating a world of better emotional health for everyone.

How it's going
Our Mission

We're pioneering a bold and exciting new approach to healing. We know firsthand that creating better, healthier habits can be challenging, especially when you don't have an emotional support system for encouragement, compliance, and community. Our team of professionals teaches people practical steps to help them reduce stress, silence negative thoughts, increase self-awareness, grow confidence, and positively respond to life's challenges. MentalHappy is here to help people along their healing journey build a positive mindset and emotional state through tools and social support. 

The Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, and lovers of mental and physical wellness from different corners of the world, and one collective goal: to build an amazing product to change the whole world.