MentalHappy is a health platform that provides people of all races, genders, and economic statuses with a safe and secure platform to discuss their emotional health and daily challenges.
With free mental health resources and expert-led support groups, we make it possible for everyone to get the emotional help they deserve without financial or physical limitations.

Who we are
How it started

Tamar understands people's challenges in finding the support they need to navigate emotionally tricky life events– from high costs to physical constraints. Her passion for becoming part of the solution began in high school when she started a peer-support organization providing social support to classmates experiencing bullying and has fueled her work and advocacy throughout the past 20 years.

Tamar Blue
Chief Executive Officer
How it's going
Our Mission

We believe community care is health care. Therefore, we aim to provide more than one billion people worldwide with safe, accessible, affordable support, resources, and education for their emotional well-being.

A few of the brilliant advisors behind MentalHappy
Amy Leo Patterson
Dr. April Givens
Licensed Professional Counselor , Certified Trauma Therapist, and Certified in Holistic Health
Geoffrey Eich
CEO at Blue Note Therapeutics
Jay Barnett
Renowned Marriage & Family Therapist
Dr. Pritika B. Gonsalves
Family & Child Psychologist
Magdala Chery
DO, MBS, MPH Primary Care Physician & Health Equity Specialist