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Embrace support on your journey to Wellness.

Discover other available groups. Reliable peer network led by health & wellness experts.

They are private, easy & free to join!

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Embrace support on your journey to Wellness.

Discover group support. Reliable peer network led by health & wellness experts.

It’s private, easy & free to join!

Find Your Support Group

Feel more support and less alone.

Discover group support. Safe spaces led by wellness experts. Join for free.

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Life comes with many challenges. Our platform has many life event-specific support groups to help you learn, overcome, and thrive.

Find a support group that's just right for you!

Our Support Groups are
Therapist Recommended

Hello, I was recommended to join this group from my therapist. Please let me know what information you may need from me. I am in search of tools to support my self-esteem. Thanks

***Most recommended from the Confidence Crew Support Group

When you join a Support group you gain:

We aim to provide you with the best tools and optimal experience in peer support therapy, facilitating your wellness journey.

Access the best tools for peer support therapy!

Virtual Sessions

Support groups offer 30 to 90 minutes regular meeting schedules. Get the support you need, build relationships, track your progress, and maintain a sense of community from wherever you live.

Expert-Led Groups

Group Leaders provide direction, education, and encourage active participation, sharing, and support among members.

Your group leader creates a safe and respectful space where members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions.

Trust & Safety

Your support group is your safe space. And your safety is our highest priority. We vet all group leaders to ensure the efficiency of the information you will receive.

All group members sign confidentiality agreements. Use the anonymous feature to engage with your group if you need it.

Positive Encouragement ✨

Come for an uplifting virtual group session with your peers, or use the check-in feature to express your feelings. We're here to cheer you up and cheer you on, always.

Find Your Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What type of help can I get in the peer support groups?

Online peer support groups can offer positive encouragement from group members, practical tips from experienced professionals, a sense of community, and affordable resources for a wide variety of life situations.

Am I able to try a group before I commit?

Yes, we currently offer a free 14-day trial to all our support groups, and you will not be charged as long as you cancel before the trial period ends.

Will I be matched to a peer support group?

We offer group suggestions that might be a match for you, but you are welcome to join any group you wish.

How much does it cost to join a peer group?

The cost of the groups will vary. Support groups start as low as $7 a month per group.

Why are all the peer support group prices different?

The Support Group Leader sets a monthly rate for their group based on their level of expertise, frequency of group meetings, and the resources provided.

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