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100% of us

experience life events that can take a toll on our emotional wellness. From losing a loved one or suffering a breakup to facing financial stressors or losing a job. These tough situations can lead to anxiety, feelings of helplessness and loss of purpose, sss ultimately can impact your job performance, personal relationships and your physical health.

100% of us

will experience life events that can take a toll on our emotional wellness. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a bad breakup, unexpected job loss, or unhealed childhood trauma... life can really suck sometimes. These tough experiences can lead to anxiety, feelings of helplessness, and sometimes even a loss of purpose, which can ultimately impact your relationships, job performance, and physical health. Just know that you're not alone.

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Life After Divorce
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A secure platform to talk about the hardships you face in everyday life and emotional wellness solutions to help you process and cope.

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The benefits of optimism are real! Gain knowledge, understanding, and the strength you need through positive encouragement from our community guides, experts, and members.

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Receive support from people like you who understand what you’re experiencing and learn practical tips and techniques to encourage your healing and improve your emotional fitness each day.

Alicia Sanchez
Leader of Volunteering for Mental Happiness group
64 members
Aaron McCoy
Leader of Surviving 2020  group
124 members
Wade Warren
Leader of Black Mental Health group
78 members
Chantal Marshall
Leader of Hope after Loss group
42 members

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When you join, you'll gain access to positive peer support groups and science-backed digital toolkits. Plus, our experienced health & wellness professionals facilitate talks and exercises tailored to each group to promote constructive dialogue and personal growth each week! Community members can initiate discussions and lean on each other any time they need encouragement and support, day or night.

The gratitude techniques I learned through MentalHappy helped me navigate a pretty tough transition.

- Quinn W., CA

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