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Navigating life's challenges deserves a safe and secure space –– one that goes beyond the limitations of social media.

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A Game-Changing Solution for Your Practice

There’s no denying the work you do in one-on-one sessions is Critical.

It’s also exhausting providing support for every individual as the demand for your help keeps rising.

By 2025, the U.S. is expected to see a shortage of 250,000 mental health professionals. MentalHappy is a groundbreaking solution designed for you to help more people at one time through expert-led support groups.

Take Control of Group Privacy

Fine-tune your privacy settings to align with your preferences and ensure a secure online space for your support group.

Privacy Control

Customize your privacy settings to create a safe and confidential environment for your group.

Effortless Management

Simplify group management with easy-to-use tools and streamlined communication features.

Flexible Meetings: Schedule In-Person or Virtual Sessions

Create, change, or manage virtual group or in-person group sessions quickly and easily.


less time spent on logistics of on-boarding scheduling and rescheduling


more time to focus on things you enjoy, while you help people in need

Accept payments securely from your group members.

Accept one-time fee, monthly recurring, donation-based or free you can focus on providing support to your community without worrying about payment logistics.

  • Efficient Payment Management
  • Secure and Reliable Transactions
  • Transparent Financial Tracking

Tangible Improvements in Health

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Customer Testimonials

Real-Life Impact of Hosting Support Groups
"As a mental health professional, integrating the MentalHappy platform into my practice has been a game-changer. It not only streamlines group therapy sessions but also fosters a sense of community and support among my clients, ultimately enhancing their therapeutic journey."

Diana Y., LMHP, Arizona

"I've been using MentalHappy for months now, and it's been great in giving me a platform to run Informal caregiver support groups."

Jackie C. Retired Registered Nurse/MHP, Utah

"MentalHappy's user-friendly platform makes it easy for me to prioritize hectic days client schedule. I don’t have the capacity to take on new clients one-on-one but running support groups is a great solution for my practice.”

Rachel S., Relationship Therapist, Texas

"MentalHappy has been an invaluable tool in supporting my clients' mental well-being between sessions. It allows me to create group exercises and resources complement my therapy sessions perfectly."

Victor B., Life Coach, New Jersey

"MentalHappy has been a lifesaver during these uncertain times. As a social worker, I've recommended it to many clients looking for accessible mental health support, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Dillon N. Social Worker/Wellness Coach, Virginia

I’ve been running sensitive matter support groups on facebook for over four years – always struggling to fight off bots, trolls, spammers and fake users. MentalHappy’s secure platform has really improved the safety and experience for my survivors

Caroline D. Violence Survivor Advocate, California

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You and your members can stay connected wherever you are.

Powerful AI-Driven Tools for Member Check-ins and Management

AI-Driven Health Assessments
Offers group participants a data-driven and personalized approach to mental health support.

Group engagement metrics
The metrics dashboard enables administrators and health personnel to review member engagement, health outcome data, morale, and feedback at a glance.

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