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Already have a group?
Improve experience by moving to MentalHappy
Over 25 years of research shows support groups have effectively:
50% - 70% Reduced re-hospitalization rates
70% - 90% Reduced  inpatient days
Reduced substance abuse and use
Improved quality of life outcomes
We help you improve patients Health Outcomes

In addition to your expert team, members can access in-take forms, AI-driven health assessments, and digital toolkits for self-management.

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In addition to your expert team, members can access in-take forms, AI-driven health assessments, and digital toolkits for self-management.

health care that scales
Privacy & security,
Session schedules,
Learning tools
Group Experts
Invoice and payments
all in one place.
For Organizations

Control if group is completely hidden or can be seen across your organization.

Secure Conversations

Our platform allows your members to safely connect with peers through moderated chat feature.

Payment Infrastructure

Payment infrastructure options available for out of pocket or HSA/FSA payers.

Schedule Group Sessions

Make it seamless for patients and members to view open sessions and attend.

For patients and members
Easy Onboarding

Improve member experience and health outcomes by reducing long wait times for support.

Member chat

Over 90% of patients reported that talking with peers in similar situations boosts morale.

Session notifications

Participants can easily track current sessions and any schedule changes

Search available groups

Members can search all open groups across your organization

Frequently asked questions

Could we run a small pilot before committing? 

Yes, we currently offer a six to twelve-month pilot program. 

Can we integrate our in-take process?

Yes, our team will discuss options with you. Or you can keep your in-take registration process all in-house or manual.

Are there any technical system integrations required?

There are no complex API or technical integrations needed to get started. If you have a large organization that does require more technical integrations into an existing system, we'd be happy to discuss your needs.

What's the cost of using the platform?

The monthly platform fee starts at $299, depending on your organization's size and needs. Set up a call to discuss and get a quote.

Is there an option to turn off group chat?

Yes, we can turn off moderated group chat.

Who moderates and monitors the group chats?

You can appoint someone within your organization to monitor and moderate chats. Our system also has built-in technical support to monitor, flag, or remove keywords.

Is there an option for participants to be anonymous to other members?

Yes. Members can use a username instead. And there are other anonymous features available as well. Schedule a chat to discuss options.

Does the platform follow all US HIPAA Compliance guidelines?


Is the MentalHappy platform built for one-on-one therapy services?


Is there a long-term commitment or contract?


Could I talk to someone to ask a few more questions?

Yes, schedule a call here

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Communication was seamless throughout the entire process with MentalHappy, and they provided expert technical support to our patients. They made the transition from our old system to their technology painless.

Ralph E.
Head of Patient Engagement

MentalHappy Platform is a low-cost Intervention with high rewards in reducing suffering during a challenging situation by connecting me with people experiencing similar life hardships.

Katherine C.

MentalHappy is an innovative solution that creates a lot of ease for our members and always us to focus on delivering quality care. It significantly reduced wait times for groups. We received good customer service from the team. They handle every little detail.

Dr. Jennifer S.
Naturopathy Center
Let’s improve support based care for all.
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To our non-profit Heros without capes.

For non-profit providers / organization

Free for charities, non-profits, NGOs, and social good businesses looking to use MentalHappy to power group support for the public good. Assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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