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Tim W.

If Covid-19 has made anything clear it’s the importance of social connection and mental health. But our current system is complicated, expensive and stigmatized. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Darlene W.

Investing in your mental health is the most important decision you can make to take control of your life. I hear you and stand with you. This is why I invested in MentalHappy. Together we will provide a safe place for the community.

Michael Hill

As the world continues to live through the COVID-19 pandemic the need for mental health services at your fingertips couldn't be higher. I believe MentalHappy can play a significant part in answering that need.

Rayeshon W

It is a pleasure to be part of a community so dear to my heart. My mother suffered from mental illness, so I fully understand.

Kathryn F.

Know that you have a lot of people who want you (MentalHappy) to win!

Chung N.

Looks like a great idea and it's clear you're passionate about the project.

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