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Super humans that believe in peer support therapy created open and FREE Support groups for everyone to have access to their expert therapy services.See their stories, stand in support.

See their Stories, stand in support.
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Dr. Pritika B. Gonsalves

Family & Child Psychologist
Confidence Support Group

Dr. Pritika B. Gonsalves shares her passion for educating people on key life skills to face life events with more resilience and knowledge. As a therapist she wants all of her patients to be armed with more information to improve their life situation.

Confidence and positive thoughts are the foundation of changing any life situation and are scientifically proven to impact healing and recovery. That's why our mission is to offer this expert-led group for free. In this safe environment, group members can chat with others, learn from a professional therapist, and acquire new skills, such as positive self-talk, to build inner confidence.

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Jessica Smith

Mental Health Professional & Certified Peer Support Specialist
Write It Out - A wellness Activity Group

Jessica is a mental health professional, writer, advocate, and State-certified Peer Specialist for Mental Health. Mental health has always been her passion, and it is also her lived experience. She is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology to become a licensed Therapist.

Because she is so passionate about expanding access to free mental health services that, she is now offering a free support group. Write It Out is a free and virtual therapeutic wellness support group that provides an expressive emotional outlet through writing, journaling, or poetry. This expert-led group is a safe space for all to come; share, learn, connect, and grow alongside peers.

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