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How does the application process work?

Once you submit your application, our team will take no more than two days to three days to review your qualifications and group. If you are approved, you will receive an email where you can begin creating your group. Please keep an eye on your Spam and Promotions folder for this email after you apply.

What are the necessary qualifications to facilitate a support group?

While we look for experienced and licensed health and wellness professionals with a background in Psychology, Psychiatry, Naturopathy, General Medicine Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition, we also welcome applications from Certified Wellness/Life Coach, Certified Peer Group Specialists, and Experienced Educators (Teacher). We will also consider applications from survivors as well.

I've never run a peer support group. Should I not apply?

We accept qualified individuals even if they have never facilitated a peer support group in the past. We have a resource library and support team to help those who lack the experience but are interested in running a group.

Are Support Group Leaders considered employees of MentalHappy?

No. The MentalHappy platform is a third party intermediary between individuals who facilitate the groups and individuals who are members of groups.

How many hours a week am I expected to commit to my group?

There are no minimum time commits. But Leaders who commit more time may make more revenue due to member retention and group growth.

Am I able to limit the size of my group?

Yes, you can turn your group to "private" when you are at capacity and only accept new members based on your availability.

Will you find group members for me?

While your group will be discoverable to members within the MentalHappy app, Group Leaders are expected to promote their own groups as well.

What are peer support sessions, and how often do they happen?

Peer support sessions are virtual sessions where the Leader facilitates a live session with members. These sessions can be closed to just your group members or open to all members of the MentalHappy platform. We encourage Leaders to host at least two sessions a month.

How much can I expect to make running a peer support group?

This depends on how much you charge for your group. A support group of 75 members charging $20 per month could earn up to $1,500 a month or more.

How are you different from other mental health platforms?

Our Support Group Leaders set their own rate, choose their own hours, and have the freedom to facilitate their group as they see fit. We also offer continued support to ensure our Leaders feel safe, happy, and comfortable on the platform.

What percentage does MentalHappy take?

We charge a flat 10% fee from their monthly earnings on the app, and professionals can set their own subscription price for access to their groups. There are no additional or hidden costs.

How do I get technical support?

Contact us at 

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