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How does this platform work?

A: You sign up and create a virtual support group space for your clients, patients, or community. You can run group meetings, set up and collect payment for your services, and share resources. Your members can stay connected with your online support group via the MentalHappy web or mobile apps.

How easy is setting up a group on this platform? Do I need to have technical skills?

 Setting up a group on our platform is easy, and no technical skills are required.

Do I have to pay to use the platform?

Yes, the annual platform fee for hosting a support group on our platform ranges from $5 to $25, depending on the type of group. There are no additional fees for group leaders.

Can I host a free support group?

You are welcome to host free or donation-based support groups. You can collect donations via the app.

How would I get paid from the platform?

You can create your pricing for your support groups: monthly, one-time fee for cohorts, accept donations, or offer free groups. You are paid by the members who join and participate in your group.

Can members use insurance to pay for my services via the platform?

No, you can offer group members a super bill or accept insurance. 

Can I set up a support group for an organization?

Yes, you can.

What are the necessary qualifications to facilitate a support group?

We welcome support groups for any life, health, or relationship topic. You must be an educated and experienced expert in your field.

Are Support Group Leaders considered employees of MentalHappy?

A: No, MentalHappy is a third-party intermediary between individuals who facilitate the groups and those who are group members.

How many hours a week am I expected to commit to my group?

A: There are no minimum time commitments. You set the schedule for your group

Can I limit the size of my group?

A: Yes, you can turn your group to "private" when you are at capacity and only accept new members based on availability.

Will you find group members for me?

A: While your group will be discoverable to members within the MentalHappy app, Group Leaders are also expected to promote their groups.

How can I learn more about hosting my support group with MentalHappy?

A: Request a demo by setting up a 15-minute call with us—or contact

How do I get technical or customer support?

A: Contact us at

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