Anonymous questions
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In this article:

  • What are anonymous questions?
  • Approving an anonymous question
  • Editing an anonymous question
  • Declining an anonymous question

What are anonymous questions?

** This feature is exclusive to the mobile app.

Anonymous questions allow members to ask questions they might typically feel too uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask publicly within the group.

When a member asks an anonymous question, you will receive a notification requesting your approval. From there, you can choose to approve, edit before approving, or decline the question based on its relevance to the group. You will also be able to see the username of the group member who asks an anonymous question.

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Approving an anonymous question

When you receive an anonymous question for your approval, ensure the question:

  • has no compromising or identifying information
  • contains no obscene language/photos
  • is relevant to the scope of the group
  • isn't critical (doesn't urgently require a professional response)
  • isn't physically threatening or endangering the life of the member or other group members

You can approve the question once any necessary edits are made. You can also choose to decline the question if it violates any of the above examples or for any reason you see fit.

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Editing an anonymous question

You can choose to make minor edits to an anonymous question for clarity, remove identifying information, or for grammatical or spelling errors. We encourage Leaders not to edit a question to the point where it loses its original context.

Note: the member will be notified you have edited their question after you approve it for the group feed.

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Declining an anonymous question

You can decline the anonymous question if it violates any of the points under the "Approving an anonymous question" section or if it fits into this criteria:

  • Doesn't fit the scope of the group
  • Not a question
  • Not knowledgeable on it
  • Needs a professional response

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