Set up your group
Here’s a quick guide on how to set up your group and best practices to get members to sign up for your group.
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Setting up your group is the first step to getting your ideas to the people that need them the most on MentalHappy. You get to set up the details of your group, capturing the theme of your group and expressing what you would like your members to know. The key is to be as concise as possible.

Setting up your group involves the following key steps:

Add a group name

The group name is the main identifier of your group. This is what is displayed when a member searches for a group on MentalHappy.

Your choice of words should be as straightforward to the point of your group as possible.

You can pla y around with metaphors, phrases, a simple sentence, etc. but make it clear and comprehensive. See group name examples👇…

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Video intro

A video is a great way to let members hear from you firsthand. We recommend recording a 1 to 2-minute group introduction video for any members interested in joining your group. This video would educate potential members about your background, what your group is about, and anything else that can build interest in your group. This section is optional.

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Add a description for the group

Write very specific details about your group, including topics you will cover, what members will learn, and anything else you would like to share about the group.

Here's an example of how to write group description.

Pro Tip: Use to edit your copy before submitting

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Group guidelines

Add a set of rules that you would like members to follow while contributing in your group. These help set the tone for conversations with mutual respect.

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Group meetings

Describe the frequency of group meetings and any guidelines the members should abide by. Use friendly language to encourage members to join the group meetings.

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Upload a group image

Upload a high-quality landscape image (16:9) that best showcases your group. Please make sure your image is not copyrighted, and you have permission to use it. 

Check out websites like,, and for images that are free to use.

Pro Tip: You can use Canva to crop your photo

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Tags for support group

Select tags that best represent the support you are offering in the group. Tags are very useful potential members who are looking for a support group.

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Profile photo

Add a professional photo of yourself to give your members a visual representation of yourself. A good photo goes a long way in building member confidence in you as a group leader.

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Describe yourself

Go all out and describe your expertise and experience and why you are best suited to be the group leader for your group. Describe your achievements in your field of expertise and how that will play a role in helping your members cope with and overcome the challenges they are facing.

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Tags that describe you

Select tags that best describe you as a person and an expert.

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If you have any questions contact Support