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January 29, 2024

Newsletter: February 2024

Hey, Happy Human! Welcome to the Month of All Matters of Your Heart ❤️ Not just the Lovey-dovey stuff…Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How's Your Heart Feeling Overall? This newsletter isn't about chocolates and roses. We’re talking Self-Discovery today!

Hey, Happy Human!

Welcome to the Month of All Matters of Your Heart ❤️

Not just the Lovey-dovey stuff…

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How's Your Heart Feeling Overall?

This newsletter isn't about chocolates and roses.

We’re talking Self-Discovery today!

Thomas Carlyle said, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” 

It's an opportunity to transform your heart, relationships, and love for yourself.

Did you know? Finding a LOVE-LIFE balance is vital for your well-being!

In the hustling world, we often forget to put ourselves and our health first, so this month, focus on making SELF-CARE a priority.

Now is the time to nurture the connections that matter most, Starting with the one YOU have with yourself!

Dive into this newsletter and let the LOVE flow.

Heartstrings in the City: 3 Stories

💘 Love Grows Old Like a Fine Wine

In 1944, K.T. Robbins met Jeanine Ganaye in wartime France. Their love was interrupted by World War II, leading them on separate paths.

Robbins married in Memphis, and Ganaye, now Pierson, moved to France.

In 2019, aged 92, Robbins returned for the D-Day anniversary and reunited with Pierson, with assistance from journalists at France 2 (a French public national television channel). Their poignant embrace spoke volumes, affirming that love deepens over time.

In 2019, at 92, Robbins returned for the D-Day anniversary and reunited with Pierson, with assistance from journalists at France 2.

In this reunion, after 75 years, they proved that enduring love can create a fulfilling and happy life, transcending the challenges of time and distance. [source]

Lesson # 1

Love deepens over time, seasoned with shared laughter.

TO-DO: Cherish moments, share laughter, build memories.

🥈The Universe Always Offers Us a Second Chance

Michal's love story ended when she was 23, leaving her feeling broken. However, she learned that being broken can lead to growth.

Inspired by the idea that a broken heart can be more complete, she found strength in the tough times. Like how broken tablets were kept alongside new ones, Michal realized that brokenness and wholeness can go together.

Embracing life's imperfections, she felt joy and hope, even when facing sadness and heartbreak. [source]

Lesson # 2

Sometimes, the greatest love stories have a second chapter.

TO-DO: Open your heart, coz you dont know what blossoms might appear.

😊 Single Ain't Synonymous With Sad

At 43, John retired from dating, finding peace in singlehood. 

Freed from romantic complexities, he focused on self-discovery, work, and solo adventures. From exploring new places to trying daring feats, each experience celebrated his individuality. In contented single living, 

John embraced self-care, relishing life's sweet moments alone and prioritizing his happiness. [source]

Lesson # 3

Happiness blooms from within.

TO-DO: Own your rhythm, and the world will dance to your tune.


Ever felt the force of love's power?

FACT: Our schools missed a class on life's emotional algebra!

We explore the gaps in traditional education and how life's experiences fill those voids, teaching us resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase

We all experience a kaleidoscope of emotions, from joy to anger, sadness to excitement.

But are we taught how to process them healthily?

Often, emotions get bottled up, leading to internal turmoil or explosive outbursts.

Welcome to this section, a hidden curriculum for navigating the messy, beautiful human experience!

Jealousy: Green-Eyed Monster

Ever felt like the Hulk when your friend snagged the last cronut?

We've all been there, friends.

But before you turn into the Abominable Jealousyman, let's reframe.

Jealousy is a natural human emotion, but unchecked, it can turn toxic.

So channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter that green cloud.

Ask yourself: what's making you TICK?

Maybe it's time to chase that dream croissant yourself!

Grudges: Having Buried Bones

Holding onto a grudge is like carrying a stale bagel in your pocket.

It gets mouldy and smelly, and nobody wants to be around it.

Let go of that emotional dead weight!

Forgiveness isn't about letting someone off the hook; it's about setting yourself free.

Imagine tossing that grudge into the East River and watching it float away – instant emotional detox!

✔️ Feelings: Embrace the Rainbow, Even the Rainy Days

We're conditioned to bottle up our emotions like ketchup packets, but guess what?

They're all valid, from sunshiney joy to stormy sadness.

Suppressing them is like trying to silence a Broadway musical – it's gonna get messy.

Acknowledge your feelings, even the uncomfortable ones.

They're messengers, telling you something about yourself.

Give them a listen, understand their message, and then let them go (unless it's pure joy – hold onto that one!).

✔️ Love/Heartbreak/Singlehood: Redefining Happily Ever After

Fairytales lied: happily ever after isn't always about finding Prince Charming.

Sometimes, it's about rocking your own tiara and building a kingdom of self-love.

Remember, happiness isn't a destination; it's a dance you do with yourself, with or without a partner.

💖 + 🧠 The Ultimate Power Couple

Forget rom-coms, the real power couple is your heart and mind working harmoniously.

Listen to your intuition, the whispers of your heart.

But don't forget to engage your logic, the wise counsel of your mind.

Together, they create a GPS for navigating life's twists and turns.

So next time you face a decision, hold a council meeting in your inner chambers – let your heart and mind have a say!

Bonus TIP: Share your experiences and challenges in the reply below! We will help you find a proactive approach to your situation.

Connecting the Dots between Food and Heart

Almost half of adults in the U.S. are living with some form of heart trouble, and high blood pressure is playing the role of the villain, leading to heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes.

But guess what?

Unlocking a healthier heart is simpler than you think!

Ready to take charge of your cardiovascular health?

Dive into the Epic World of Food Wisdom

What’s on Your Plate?

Food is like the ultimate power-up for your body. It's the energy source, and calories are its secret agent.

Now, there are three food superheroes: Carbs (from plants and sugar), Proteins (meat and plant pals like beans), and Fats (the lipids from plants or animals).

But watch out!

Fats are the heavyweight champions with 9 calories per gram, while Carbs and Proteins are the fit 4-calorie contenders.

Why Chow Down?

Eating isn’t just a survival game; it's the ultimate pleasure quest.

Food fuels our bodies, sparks joy, and throws the best parties (looking at you, holidays!).

But beware of emotional eating – using food as a superhero drug to tackle stress, sadness, or anger.

That path leads to the villainous duo of overeating and health issues.

When and Where to Munch

Timing is everything!

Are you standing or lounging while munching?

Beware of the mindless calorie invasion!

To fight back, dine like a pro:

Stick to the kitchen, sit down, and enjoy your meal.

Don't be a buffet ninja; scan, choose, sit, eat, and discard the plate.

Think twice before consuming – is the calorie load worth it?

Food Habits 101

Upgrade your eating game with these power moves:

  • Plan your meals; surprises are for birthdays, not dinner.
  • Pack your lunch – your stomach will thank you.
  • Eat regularly to avoid the hangry monster.
  • Read labels; less is more (ingredients, not food).
  • Skip the gas station snacks – your body deserves better.
  • Team up with your meal planner at home.

Say Goodbye to Bad Food Habits

Let go of those unhealthy rituals:

  • No more food races; slow down and savor.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach; your willpower is on vacation.
  • Never skip meals; your body is not a fan.
  • Quit the grazing game; set a time and move on.

In a world where food trends change like seasons, remember: Carbs, Fats, and Proteins are the real superheroes.

Mix them up, keep them varied, and eat when hungry.

Move Your Groove, Boost Your Boombox

Love and a healthy heart go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly.

But it's not just about Hallmark hugs and candlelit dinners (although those do have their benefits!).

Physical activity gets:

- Your blood pumping…

- Your endorphins singing…

- And your heart dancing happily…

So, ditch the couch, grab your dancing shoes, and try these heart-thumping (in a good way!) options:

Click here for heart-pumping workouts that won't make you look like a TOMATO.

To NOT become a 🍅, follow our weekly themes:

Transform each day, prioritize your heart, and let the wellness adventure begin!

Free Monthly Resource 🎁

Struggling with the cost of therapy?

We've got a solution just for you!

This month, join Dr. Pritika in exploring the fascinating realm of Self-image vs. Self-concept.

Remember, nobody can replace the unique magic that is YOU.

So, let’s discover the power of embracing your authentic self.

👉 Check Prompts for Introspection

👉 Click Here for Tips for Self-Perception

👉 Check Your Homework Activities

There you go!

Become the HERO of your own story.

It's not just about sprucing up your mental storybook and mirror; it's about embracing the unique magic that is YOU.

🌟 Discover Your Tribe: New Support Groups Available!

Feeling unheard?


Or trapped in a toxic environment?

No matter your challenge, remember, you're not alone.

Our community now offers three powerful support groups to help you thrive, no matter what life throws your way.

🤫 Misunderstood Introverts

Embrace your quiet strength.

Join a safe space where introverts come together to share stories, and strategies, and celebrate the beauty of introversion. Your voice matters, even if it's soft. Connect with fellow introverts who understand the magic within your silence.


👉 Join Misunderstood Introverts


💔 Grief From Break-ups

Navigating the storm of heartbreak is tough, but you're not alone.

Join this support group to share your journey, gain insights, and heal from the pain of break-ups. Together, we'll turn heartbreak into a stepping stone towards a brighter future.


👉 Join Grief From Break-ups


🌪️ Surviving Toxic Parents or Life With Toxic Parents

Reclaim your life.

This group offers a supportive environment for those dealing with toxic parents or navigating the challenges of a toxic upbringing. Break free from the chains of toxicity, find understanding hearts, and build a path to a healthier, happier life.


👉 Join Surviving Toxic Parents


🌱 Abuse and Violence Survivors Support Group 

It’s not your fault.

This group offers a supportive environment for abuse and violence survivors. This is a shame and judgment free space to process your past experiences, connect with others who understand and hear from an expert with shared lived experiences. 


👉 Join Abuse and Violence Survivors


Ready to take the next step?

Your healing begins with the support of those who truly get it.

Simply click on the support group that resonates with you and join a community that understands your unique journey.

Remember, you deserve to be heard, supported, and empowered.

Your tribe is waiting. 🌟

Upcoming Group Sessions for the Month

Here's a glimpse of what's coming your way:

1) Heart-to-Heart Conversations 💬

Join us on February 14th at 7:30 pm EST for an intimate discussion on cultivating meaningful relationships. Discover the secrets to fostering connections that stand the test of time.

2) Self-Love Workshop 💖

On February 28th at 7:30 pm EST, embark on a journey of self-discovery and appreciation. Learn practical techniques to enhance self-love and embrace the unique brilliance within you.

Mark your Calendar TODAY

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Blog for the Month

This month's featured content isn't just a match for our February blog—it's the key to unlocking the potential of your DREAMS.

Life is not only about Self-Love. 

Shift your focus from the heart to your aspirations and turn those dreams into real, tangible achievements.

Click [here] to read this blog and jumpstart your journey towards a successful 2024.

Let's turn your aspirations into reality together!

🤔 Unlock The Puzzle

Can you crack the code to happiness? Here's a brain teaser to tickle your neurons:

🌹 + 🧠 = ❓

Boost your brain health with quick and fun trivia.

1. Which U.S. city delivers the most Valentine's Day roses?

A) Los Angeles

B) New York City

C) Chicago

D) Miami

2. Who is credited with pioneering the first successful human open-heart surgery?

A) Charles Drew

B) Helen Taussig

C) Daniel Hale Williams

D) Christiaan Barnard

3. What percentage of heart attacks are estimated to be caused by stress?

A) 25%

B) 45%

C) 60%

D) 75%

4. Which mineral is necessary for regulating nerve impulses and heart rhythms?

A) Chromium

B) Potassium

C) Iron

D) Zinc

5. What percent of serotonin, the "happy hormone," is produced in the gut?

A) 10%

B) 30%

C) 50%

D) 90%


1. B) New York City

2. D) Christiaan Barnard

3. C) 60%

4. B) Potassium

5. D) 90%

🧠 Exercise Your Brain Muscles

Can you crack the code of our heartful riddles?

Share your answers and see if you can outwit your fellow readers.

Let's see who deciphers the secret equation first! 

The winner gets a virtual high-five and bragging rights for the month. 

Ready, Set, Decode 🙌

Be Kind to Yourself

We believe a happy life should be accessible to everyone.

Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with gifts that inspire joy and well-being.

Because when you feel good, the world feels even brighter!

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