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When You Lead a Support Group, You...

Earn Extra Income

Set your group rate and earn extra $$$ from the comfort of your home, all while helping people take control of their lives.

Meet Demand

Provide guidance, support, and practical tips and help meet the growing demand for mental health services that don't require insurance and are accessible to everyone.

Have More Control

Become your own boss. Establish personal and professional boundaries that work for you, and have creative freedom regarding your group and events.

Who we are looking for

Experienced health and wellness providers passionate about helping people learn, heal, and expand their physical and emotional well-being.

Professional experts across these life events

Support with addiction
negative to positive thinking
Support Group
Black Health
Life Stress Management
Parenting Support
Life after
Military Support
LGBTQIA+ Support
Change in career
Depression of yourself or someone else
Life after Divorce Support Group
Self-esteem needs
Work-related Stress Management
Mid-life crisis
falling in love (dating, relationships)
Living with Disability
Racial Issues & Stress
purpose - loss of
Chronic pain
Financial windfall
Overcoming victimhood and being 100% accountable for everything
People of colour

Begin your journey of helping people unlock their motivations and take ownership of their mental wellness.

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Your support group of 75 members x $20 per member  could earn up to
$1500 a month.
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