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March 22, 2024

Newsletter April 2024

I CAN’T keep going at this PACE😩‍. Welcome, Serenity Seekers!🌷. Feeling like you're being juggled by a clown with questionable aim? Does your to-do list resemble a never-ending CVS pharmacy receipt?

I CAN’T keep going at this PACE😩

Welcome, Serenity Seekers!🌷

Feeling like you're being juggled by a clown with questionable aim?

Does your to-do list resemble a never-ending CVS pharmacy receipt?

If you answered "Heck YES" (or something a little less polite), welcome aboard this stress-busting newsletter!

"Stress makes you forget things," says Einstein (who probably had a LOT on his mind). 

Stress affects 77% of us, but only a handful know how to combat it. 

April showers might bring May flowers.

But first, April brings a tidal wave of deadlines, taxes, and the overwhelming urge to hide under a mountain of cozy blankets. 

(Don't worry, we won't judge – we've all been there.

But fear not, weary warriors!

This month, we're all about stress relief and stress management. From the gentle art of mindfulness to the soothing rhythms of self-care, we've got a bouquet of ideas to help you unwind and blossom into your best, most relaxed self.

So, take a deep breath…

Sip on some calming chamomile tea…

And let's embark on this journey of tranquillity together.

Remember, even superheroes need a mental vacation every now and then.

Ready to turn stress into less? Stay tuned! 🍃


Triumphs Over Stress in the City 💌 3 Stories

1. Finding Happiness in Stress

Neil Pasricha, facing challenges in his marriage and job, launched "1000 Awesome Things" to spotlight positivity. The blog's success led to books on happiness. In his TED Talk, Neil stressed managing stress through gratitude, focusing on the positives, and advocating for small steps toward happiness during tough times. This story is an excellent reminder that stress can be handled by focusing on the positive and taking small steps towards a happier life. [Source]

Lesson # 1: Stay positive, manage stress, and find happiness.

2. The Glass of Water

During a stress management lecture, a lecturer held a glass of water and asked his students about its weight. Answers ranged from 20g to 500g, but he emphasized that the absolute weight didn't matter. He explained that holding the glass for a minute is fine, but having it for more prolonged causes discomfort. Similarly, carrying burdens constantly makes them heavier over time. The lecturer advised putting the glass down and resting periodically to avoid being overwhelmed. He encouraged his audience to put down their burdens, like work, before returning home and pick them up later when refreshed. [Source]

Lesson # 2: Take breaks to refresh your mind.

3. Heartbeat of Stress

Sarah felt chest pain and struggled to breathe while driving to work, fearing a heart attack. Tests showed stress-induced heart palpitations, prompting her cardiologist to advise stress management. Sarah learned that sitting idly worsens stress, excessive worrying deepens it, and taking action, like setting boundaries, is vital. Choosing a proactive approach, she focused on the present and gathered facts for informed decisions. [Source]

Lesson # 3: Proactively protect your mental well-being.


Don't Let Age Be Your Cage ❌

Unleash your inner 🦋 (at Any Age)!

Life's a buffet, my friends.

There's a delicious dish for every season.

Sure, deadlines might feel more daunting with each birthday candle.

But here's the secret: Growth has no age limit!

Imagine this:👇

A world where "too old to learn" is a punchline, not a belief. 

A world where your 50s are prime for that salsa class.

And the 70s are the perfect time to write that novel.

This is the world we're creating!


Explore the magic of embracing life's possibilities.

Find the extraordinary in EVERYDAY!

Because life is too short to be stuck in a RUT!

Let's dust off our dreams, unleash our inner butterflies, and paint our own masterpiece, one experience at a time.

School of Happiness 🎓 Squad Up, Stress Down

Remember that class you really wished they taught in school? The one titled "How Not to Freak Out When Life Throws Curveballs"?

Well, guess what?

This month's School of Happiness session is ALL about a superpower your teachers never mentioned: Your Social Support System!

In an ideal world where

  • Shoulders are always available for a good cry (or a victory dance!).
  • Bad news bounces off like a superball off a trampoline.
  • Laughter is your secret weapon against overwhelm.

This, my friend, is the MAGIC of a STRONG social support system. 

They're the folks who

🪄 Cheer you on from the sidelines.

🪄 Hold your hand through the storm.

🪄 And celebrate your victories like they're their own.

Science says having a strong social support system can:

  • Lower stress hormones (bye-bye, cortisol!)👋
  • Boost your mood (hello, sunshine!) 🌞
  • Increase resilience (you got this!)👌

But here's the thing👇

Building a support system isn't magic (thank goodness!).

It's about creating meaningful connections.

It takes time, effort, and a willingness to be vulnerable.

So, this month, firstly, you have to:

  • Identify your cheerleaders (Who's got your back when you need it most?)
  • Communicate your needs (It's okay to ask for help! We all need it sometimes.)
  • Nurture your squad (Because friendships are a two-way street!)

Let's turn your social circle into a stress-fighting force field.

(One genuine connection at a time!)

Remember, we were never meant to fight life's battles alone.

Let's build a squad so awesome that even those flaming chainsaws won't stand a chance!

Your Monthly Gift 💝 Get Free Stress Score

Stress is a sneaky thief, XYZ.

It steals your time, joy, and even your hard-earned money daily.

Imagine waving goodbye to overwhelm and achieving your goals faster.

Dr. Pritika Gonsalve has crafted a free quiz to make this a reality for you. 👇

Answer the questions honestly to uncover your personal "Stress Score."

Then, we will send you a tailored Action Plan to reclaim control of your time, money, and life.


Take My Stress Quiz!


📅 Upcoming Group Sessions for the Month

Join us for a series of transformative group sessions this month! Whether you're navigating the complexities of breakup grief, healing from parental betrayal, or looking to unlock the power of introversion, our sessions offer a safe space for growth and healing.

👉Unwind & Recharge with Coping Skills for Stress👈

April 10th | 7.30 pm EST

👉Coping with Breakup Grief👈

April 16th | 7.30 pm EST

👉Healing From Parental Betrayal👈

April 23rd | 7.30 pm EST

👉Conquering Workplace Stress👈

April 24th | 7.30 pm EST

👉Introverts: Beyond The Quiet👈

April 30th | 7.30 pm EST

Mark your Calendar TODAY

And Share it With Your Friends.


Money Stress Sucks 🤑 Blog for the Month

Feeling Like Your Bank Account and Your Mood Are on a Downward Spiral?

(This Blog Post Can Help!)


In this blog post, we dive deep into the powerful link between money woes and mental well-being. We offer insights, empathy, and practical tips to help you break free from this cycle.

Don't let financial stress win.

Take control of your well-being.

Read the Blog Here!


🤔 Test Your Brain: April's Teaser Fun🌟

1) What significant historical event is observed internationally on April 22nd?

a) International Day of Peace

b) Earth Day  

c) World Health Day

d) International Day for Women

2. Which famous annual sporting event traditionally commences in the first week of April?

a) Wimbledon Championships

b) US Open Tennis Championships

c) The Masters Golf Tournament  

d) Australian Open Tennis Championship

3. What birthstone is traditionally associated with April?

a) Ruby

b) Diamond  

c) Emerald

d) Sapphire

4. Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of stress?

a) Increased heart rate

b) Difficulty sleeping

c) Improved focus and concentration  

d) Headaches

5. During times of high stress, what bodily function might be negatively impacted?

a) Creativity and problem-solving abilities

b) Immune system function  

c) Muscle strength

d) All of the above

Answer 1: b) Earth Day

Answer 2: c) The Masters Golf Tournament

Answer 3: b) Diamond

Answer 4: c) Improved focus and concentration

Answer 5: b) Immune system function


Pressure Makes Diamonds 💎

Still feeling stressed and blue?

Remember, even storms must end. ☀️

Here's a quote to remind you of your inner strength:

You know that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react.

We may not control all the events that happen to us.

But, we can decide not to be reduced by them.

And our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

🪄 We are Braver than we believe!

🪄 We are Stronger than we seem!

🪄 We are Smarter than we think!

As Helen Keller said, the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.❤️


How We Can Help You?

Anytime you’re ready, here are a few ways we can help you:

  1. 🫂Discover group support to feel more supported and less alone. Safe spaces led by wellness experts. Join for Free.
  2. 🎥Did you know we're on YouTube? From quick walkthroughs to boosting your mood for stress relief, Our YouTube channel has got you covered (While you're there, could you hit subscribe, please).


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Iqra & MentalHappy Team

P.S. Anyone you know gets stressed or upset? Please forward this newsletter— it’s a lifesaver :)

P.S.S. Living a life on stress overload is a recipe for disaster.  But you know what's NO RISK at all?  Making time for YOU. Schedule a relaxing bath, walk in nature, or read a good book. And if the stress feels overwhelming, remember, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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