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What type of help can I get in the peer support groups?
Receive support from people just like you who understand what you're experiencing. Learn practical tips and techniques to encourage your healing while also improving your emotional fitness each day.
How do I find a peer support groups?
Once you sign up, we'll recommend groups that might be a match for you based on your Wellness Assessment, but you are welcome to join any group you wish!
Does MentalHappy offer one-on-one therapy services?
No. MentalHappy only offers peer support groups.
How much does it cost to join a peer group?
It varies. Some groups might be free, and others may charge a monthly fee. MentalHappy also charges a small service fee.
Why are all the peer support group prices different?
The leader of the support group sets monthly pricing for their group.
Is there an age requirement to join or sign up?
Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to register for a member account.
What is a Support Group Leader (SGL)?
Leaders facilitate talks and exercises tailored to each group to promote constructive dialogue and personal growth.
How do I become a Support Group Leader?
You can learn more and apply at MentalHappy.com/leader.
Can I invite friends or family to join my peer group?
Yes, if the support group leaders allow it.
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