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October 23, 2023

Newsletter: November 2023

But in the midst of it all… We all carve those heartwarming moments to keep our spirits high. So, guess what? We've got a treasure trove of reasons to bring a smile to your face today. Because my friends...

“Ever feel like life's a WhiRlWiNd?” -  We sure do!

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But in the midst of it all…

We all carve those heartwarming moments to keep our spirits high.

So, guess what?

We've got a treasure trove of reasons to bring a smile to your face today.

Because my friends,

Who wouldn't want to:

😄 Crack a smile…

🌞 Revel in a delightful day…

🙌 Feel downright good & blessed…

So, today, you’ll get the secret sauce.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Here, we've gathered heartwarming stories to brighten your day.

I can’t wait for you to apply these lessons to your own life…👇

1. A Heartwarming Reunion

After months of tireless searching…

Finally, a family reunited with their beloved dog, Max.

Max, who had gone missing during a storm.

Max's journey back home is a testament to love and determination.

These are the unbreakable bonds that we share with our furry friends.

Lesson # 1

❤️ Love always finds its way back!

2. The Power of Community

In the bustling heart of New York,

A group of neighbors came together.

Transformed an abandoned plot into a vibrant community garden.

They grew not just plants…

But a sense of togetherness!

Lesson # 2

❤️ Together, we can create wonders!

3. Acts of Kindness

Small acts of kindness can make a big impact in these challenging times.

Volunteers are serving hot meals to the homeless.

Kids are writing thank-you notes to healthcare heroes.

Generous souls are paying for a stranger's coffee in the drive-thru.

Secret bookworms are leaving uplifting notes in library books.

All these remind us of the beauty of compassion and empathy.

Lesson # 3

❤️ A little kindness goes a long way!

So, there you have it – these lessons will lift your spirits.

Share them with others and spread the good vibes.

And do remember that happily ever after doesn't simply happen!

You need to put in effort, invest time, and communicate effectively.


Let’s Discover the Art of Healthy Relationships

It's Not Selfish, It's Essential!

This month, our focus is on healthy relationships.

And good bonds are the cornerstone of happiness and well-being.

We invite you to check out our latest blog post:

Stop in the Name of Love: Setting Early Relationship Boundaries

It’s so simple…

Clear boundaries are the foundation of healthy relationships.

Learn how setting early boundaries can lead to happier and more fulfilling connections.

🎁 Free Featured Resource: Verbalize Your Boundaries

One crucial aspect of healthy relationships is effective communication.

Especially when it comes to setting boundaries…

But the question is: 

How to Verbalize Your Boundaries?

To get you clear on your relationship journey, we offer you an exclusive, complimentary resource that includes practical examples of boundary-setting.

Download it now and start nurturing healthier connections.


Click Here to Download Free Resource


How Positive Self-Talk Can Strengthen Your Relationships

Your inner voice is powerful.

It can…

  • Influence your relationships.
  • Shape your thoughts and behaviors.
  • Feel more confident, secure, and loving.

Here are some of the ways that positive self-talk can strengthen your relationships:

✔ When you can forgive yourself, you're more likely to forgive others.

This builds trust and resolves conflict.

✔ When you feel confident and secure, you become more clear and assertive. 

This leads to more open and honest communication.

✔ When you understand and accept yourself, you're better understand and accept others. 

This develops compassionate and supportive relationships.


Get Your Self-Talk Handout


Meet Dr. Pritika Gonsalves, Ph.D - Our Community Leader

We're honored to introduce our esteemed community leader, Dr. Pritika B Gonsalves, Ph.D. 

With a solid eight-year background in psychology, she's a shining star in her field. 

Her focus?

Family, children, teens, and teachers' mental health!

Dr. Gonsalves' unwavering commitment to her field has earned her an excellent reputation as a regional leading psychologist. Let's dive into her impressive journey:

  • Child Psychology Expert: Dr. Gonsalves possesses a doctorate in Child Psychology, demonstrating her exceptional knowledge and in-depth understanding of the intricate facets of children's mental well-being and development.
  • Play Therapy Pro: Her proficiency in Play Therapy, a therapeutic approach vital for the emotional growth of children, is an invaluable asset in her practice.
  • APA Ally: Dr. Gonsalves is a distinguished American Psychological Association (APA) member, acknowledging her global recognition and commitment to high standards of professional ethics and practices.
  • Global Engagement: As a member of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP), she remains actively engaged in the international community of psychology professionals, fostering cross-cultural insights and advancements.

Dr. Gonsalves lives and breathes mental health, empowering families, nurturing the well-being of children and teens, and being a rock for educators. 

She is a beacon of knowledge, compassion, and guidance for those seeking her expertise.

And the good news is…

She's with us to guide, support, and inspire you.

Let's explore the wisdom she shares on setting healthy relationship boundaries.


How to Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries?

Dr. Gonsalves emphasizes the importance of clearly defining your boundaries.

For both yourself and the people around you…

This means knowing what you are uncomfortable with within a relationship.

It also means communicating your boundaries to others clearly and assertively.

So, WHAT you need to do so…

✅ Establish Firm Boundaries

Take some time to reflect on your needs and values. 

What is important to you? 

What are you willing to compromise on?

What is not negotiable?

✿ Once you have a good understanding of your boundaries:

Speak clearly and directly, and make eye contact.

Use "I" statements and be specific.

Instead of saying, "Don't be so clingy," you could say, "I need some space to myself sometimes."

✿ Be prepared to repeat yourself and to enforce your boundaries.

It may take some time for others to adjust to your new limits.

But it is important to be consistent.

✅ Effective Communication

✿ Choose the right time and place to have a conversation about your boundaries

Choose a calm time to have the conversation.

Be mindful of both your and the other person's emotional state.

✿ Be honest and open about your needs and feelings.

Don't be afraid to say NO.

Also, clearly ask for what you want.

✿ Be respectful of the other person's feelings and opinions.

Even if you disagree with them…

Be willing to compromise.

But don't sacrifice your own needs.

Here are a few prompts curated by Therapist Dr. Pritika Gonsalves. Feel free to practice, use, or share them. 


Enjoy Free Prompts


Your mental well-being journey just got much brighter with Dr. Gonsalves by your side.

For more information and helpful relationship education, join Dr. Pritika in the HappyHumans Community. 




Upcoming Community Meetings (Virtual)

Join our upcoming virtual community meetings!

Here, we discuss various aspects of mental health, relationships, and well-being.

It's a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights.

Next meetings:
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To register for this amazing session, click the button below.




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Join the HappyHumans community today and start your journey to a happier and healthier you!

We hope you find our newsletter valuable and share it with others.

Remember, happiness is contagious, and good relationships are no accident.




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With joy,

MentalHappy Team

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